About Us

KANARI is a self care company featuring skin, body and lifestyle products made of clean, all-natural botanical ingredients and materials; developed to promote self-care, confidence & routine.

The mission is to inspire confidence & self-love, through self-care routine and botanical beauty.

Founder, A’rielle created KANARI to fill her own self care void and in hopes of helping other women step into their feminine strength by putting themselves first and getting into the routine of self care. “After realizing that I had neglected my own self care regimens due to work, catering to family and just neglecting to find little moments for myself, not only my skin, but my confidence started to reflect that neglect. I needed to get back into a true routine for myself.”

A’rielle has extensively studied and taught herself the power of botanical herbs, natural remedies, essential oils and most recently cosmetic chemistry over the last 5 years. The difference in KANARI brand products is our promise to always offer ingredient transparency. Please take a moment to learn about the amazing benefits of each ingredient we use on our Ingredient page!

KANARI is a reminder that we as women have to take care of ourselves in order to better care for our loved ones & community.

KANARI aims to provide those moments of self care.  

 “Create a moment of self care, with KANARI!”